Kabuto is teh l33t character from Naruto who is a medic and trains under Orochimaru. He betrayed the Leaf village, which he was brought to after being found after the battle of Bellflower/Kaede pass. He has grey hair in a ponytail, a purple shirt, Harry Potter glasses and possibly a fetish for ANBU clothing. His last name is Yakushi, which means the Healing Buhdda, and his first name means helmet, but together they mean aconite, which is a type of poison. His teammates in the Leaf were Akado Yoroi and Tsuguru Misumi. Kabuto was born on the 29 of February and when it is not a leap year he celebrates on the 1st of March. Kabuto is a Pisces and is 19 years old post-timeskip.
Kabuto is a worn-out subject on the Narutoforums.
by Pessimessed September 24, 2005
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Orochimaru's lackey. He's an ugly little nerd that does whatever orochimabooty wants him to do. He pretends to act tough and licks orochimaru's snake organ.
If Orochimaru told Kabuto to lick his stanky toes he would gladly do so.
by daoi ivieo na October 13, 2020
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(noun) it is a spanking given as a punishment for bad behavior.

pronouced "kah-boo-tos"
Kyle was bad, so he received dos kabutos.
by Korey2345 May 13, 2011
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An awesome, hot, smart antagonist from the anime series, Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden. Contrary to popular belief, Kabuto Yakushi is a synonym for exceedingly brilliant, charming, introverted, witty, and handsome.
Friend: Yes, yes, he is. ;)
by mangoes2021 August 4, 2011
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Derived from the question regarding the identity of the person within Sixth Edo Tensei Coffin summoned by Kabuto Yakushi in the Naruto Manga, which appeared to gain a significant reaction from the normally unshakable Madara Uchiha, which has started a rampant stream of theories and suggestions for the interest of speculation.

Can be seen and referred to also as a plot device where the appearance of any unseen/unknown character whom holds some key significance to the story, by causing a shocked or emotional reaction/outburst in an important/major character.
Abridged Version of Conversation

Madara: You want to join forces with me?
(Kabuto summons five coffins with Edo Tensei, which are the deceased Akatsuki members)
Madara: What do you want in return?
Kabuto: Uchiha Sasuke.
Madara: What if I say no?
(Appears Kabuto's Sixth Coffin)
Madara: Th-That's...! You madman! How did you do this?!
Kabuto: Oh you know... Anyway, you can relax. I haven't told a soul.
by Purple Ram September 10, 2010
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