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when you take too much ketamine and you end up feeling like you dont know who you are, where you are and why you do these things.
i sat in my living room last night thinking is this really my house, then i realised i was k-holed
by chesca. June 14, 2009
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After a massive line of ketimine, ones body shuts down making movement difficult. The feeling is like being in a hole which one cant get out of.
How long was I in that K-Hole
by Jelly_Boy March 25, 2004
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The feeling one gets after doing too much Ketamine. The user usually falls out visualy, however he or she is lead to believe in their mind that they are active. Consumer will have to lasso there brain back before returning to reality, and or basic mental function.
K: Here take this.
J. Damn this is some good stuff......whoaaaaa.
Later that day...............
K. I got fucked
J. Man, I got K-holed
by Kyle Ramsey August 15, 2006
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