An abbreviation often used when sending text messages that means...Kicking and Screaming
I heard that joke and started K&S
by O&O June 25, 2009
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people who have names with k & s are destined to be together! they will both hide their feelings for each other and one of them may stop talking to them to hide their feelings.
adam:k+s are not speaking
lewis: they are hiding their feelings
by Lillila 21 October 27, 2019
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1. InKonSistant is attraction, looks good one day, looks disgusting the other. Usually talking about someone.

2.Lacking consistency or regularity in quality or performance.
Matt: "Eh Bro check out that blonde chick over their."
Bako: "Naw Bro she's K-S, wait till you see her any other day, you'll throw up."
by Bako April 18, 2008
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Fanzines written, mostly by females, about purported homosexual relationships between Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.
Alice, what's all that shit in your room? Are you writing that K/S bullshit again?
by pentozali June 30, 2006
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The assholes that post on this site so faithfully that they probably devote more time to thinking up useless definitions to stupid non-existant words than too getting themselves laid, which in all honesty would probably do them good.
What an urbandic(k), I bet he hasn't spooged in over a year, let alone gotten any of the glorious poon-tang out there, that makes being human worthwhile.
by Ashen Skies. September 20, 2003
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<newguy> hi btw
<somegit> hi there!
<somegit> newguy: d/k/s?
by bruno09 September 6, 2009
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Kill(ed) on sight. Used for a person/group of persons who are banned from an area. If this ban is broken, they will be killed on sight.
U're on KOS. If u ever come here again u will be killed on sight.
by Mau July 14, 2005
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