We Stan is a term that is used to express extreme support for something, or that you are a huge fan of someone.

It is a term that derived from Eminem created character "Stan" taken from the song Stan featuring Dido. Stan is a character who loves Eminem so much and is such a die hard fan he became obsessed with him and it eventually drives him insane (literally over a bridge, to his death whilst leaving a message for Eminem, sadly).

Thus, those who "Stan" something love and support that person, thing or situation with a passion. The "We" is used to show that many people also fall behind the same cause.
Friend 1: Did you see the way Kendrick Lamar used his performance at the GRAMMY's last night to stand up for Black Rights AND Bullying??

Friend 2: Yeah bro, he always looks at the bigger picture, definitely a great role model for the next generation. We Stan Kdot.

Friend 1: Agreed, We Stan. We Stan HARD!!
by Darkiie July 28, 2019
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A sub-variant of Stan popular with white girl twitter. Person using it definitely has a snapchat filter as their profile picture.

The term 'Stan' in this one is not derogatory, refers to the self and essentially just means 'love and support'.

'We' used as a catch all for the cool people that also like/love the said person or thing being Stanned.
"Yo you seen James Charles' insta?"
"Yaaaas, we stan."
by dummythiccmongo April 2, 2019
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We Stan is used in the context of someone REALLY agreeing or REALLY liking something, usually something that includes an opinion. It is often heard when referring to ideas surrounding the LGTGQ community.
Person 1: Omg, Chad and James!
Person 2: YES! WE STAN!
by amimifu February 6, 2020
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It’s when you like something or when you stand up for somthing like tea. people will usually say we Stan instead of I stan becouse we dont Stan lonlyness.
1..*sees hotdogs*

Friend: should I get a hotdog?

You: ya, we Stan hotdogs

*spills bad tea about Sara*
You: OH NO! We do not Stan Sara.
by Westan! December 22, 2018
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You fucking agree or you fucking love it

When used negatively it means you do not fucking love whatever you are referring too.
Jeffrey star is looking good today! yes we stan Jeffrey.

Sister James Charles is so cancelled. True, we don't stan James.
by Carl Cardigan May 13, 2019
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something you say when you are a fan of (stan) somebody famous.
Everybody:We Stan Shabnam!
That one person who knows who she is:Why stan Shabnam?? She's a fanon character who is literally one of the New Style Boutique customers-
by thecharacterwannie July 11, 2022
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