Slang term for being full of shit and being completely unaware of the fact. This is based on how full of shit actual practicing Jungians are. If you don't know what a jungian is in the psychological sense, please look it up, and you too will know how full of shit they are.
Kers is a natural born Jungian

Yeah dude, she's such a jungian and it drives me nuts.
by Mr. Bean July 13, 2006
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When one's words stumble, creating a phrase that reveals NO coherent meaning.
I think I need to ease into slow schooly.

That's a lot of harrels of bay. I mean barrels of hay.

Such are examples of a Jungian Slip
by hiccough May 14, 2011
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Legendary Theorist of Cognitive Siences; In Swisseland, Jung was regognized as a Psychiatrist. If he were to be ressurected to life of a sudden, he would not be able to exlain the 5 common traits of all living organisizms. He would not know to fathom the first step of a "recovery program" but he would surly recognize that the 12 Step Program is Religious beyond any doubt. Would he speak to you of simple problems and teach you trust-building skills, frindship skills, problem solving skills? ...... No! He would be looking for Sigmund Freud, ..where is my siggy???
Jungian Psychology was a prompt to those who would come later and explore exact sciences of the mind and body according to the rise of technology. He was a deep thinker; but the opposite of medical scientist. He dug into vast areas of knowledge of spritualism, telepathy, and ArchType (symbols) and then appled unsound results to ancient throries. His understanted of men and his brain what non greater than the Andalusian Peoples. WE must look to a new science; and keep for legend and respect, the Jungian psychology. ( Jungle Psychology - Pathatic Pathosis )
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When one attempts to tell a lie but makes a verbal slip-up that reveals the truth.
Examples of a Jungian slip:

"I didn't stay out late last night, I spent the whole time in her bedroom, I mean my bedroom."

"I haven't finished the project because I took the day off work last week. I mean because I took the day off sick last week."
by Greg Snelgar October 25, 2009
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Relating to or characteristic of the school of thought of the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. Cannot be compared to the Freudian school of thought as the two are not mutually compatible (Jung and Freud were initially good buddies but then the two had a big falling out due to conflict between ideas).
The MBTI personality test is based on Jungian psychology.
by UltimateDoge July 1, 2021
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