She is such an amazing person. She is funny, beautiful, smart in her own ways and is such a great friend. Her name is so rare that if you ever find one. Keep her close as a bff.
Juna, your such an amazing friend
by Ellie_4life May 2, 2019
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a word that rhymes with tuna
by ayid July 14, 2003
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JuNae is a cute, talented, outgoing girl who cares for others. She is ratchet and like fighting boys . She loves to eat and she is very pretty . She don’t really like being around a lot of people if she don’t have to . She’s not the party type but when she is around her friends she is most definitely the turnt one . She has a big heart and she has been through a lot but she still smiles no matter what . If you have a Junae don’t lose her .
Who wouldn’t like a Junae
by Baby farts July 15, 2018
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A ratchet girl who will whip your ass no lie. Junae likes fruit snacks and tv
I like to junae in my freetime
by 2 pc chicken nuggets May 30, 2017
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A girl who gets into trouble alot,who will beat someone ass,but can very nice, sweet,and is very pretty
See that girl right there , yea junae, I heard shes crazy,shes so nice , but she can be both
by Kaymoneyyy November 25, 2018
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Juna, is a girl who is a savage. She is friends with many people, but for the ones who mess with her....not so much. She'll roast them so hard that they may start to cry. Poor babies. She is nice to her real and true friends, and gets what she wants, but is always polite when asking for something. She may not be the smartest, but she is the hottest and most talented of the friend group.She is photogenic, talented, caring and a savage at heart. Dont get on the wrong side of her, bc her friend group is made up of girls with no limits. She also can steal anyone's mans in a wink of her eye, her mysterious and badass personality shines through when it comes to boys.🐘
Popular Bitches:"OmgAaAaWd is that Juna right there? WITH MY BOYFRIEND!!!"
by DontBeFcknRUUDEEE July 24, 2019
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