Refers to a 1970's TV sitcom. It had a main character known for being the Coolest guy on TV (The Fonze). As the series entered one of its last seasons, the writers had this oh-so-cool guy waterskiing in his trademark leather jacket, to jump a shark. It was truely the moment when the series went downhill from there and was soon mercifully cancelled.
Rober Jordans book series 'The Wheel of Time' jumped the shark in book four and has gotten worse ever since.
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Refers to the specific moment when a TV show goes downhill. From the Happy Days episode where Fonzie overcomes his fear of sharks by jumping over one while wearing water skis.
by Christopher Tam October 20, 2003
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when something stops getting better and starts getting worse
The Jump The Shark website,, jumped the shark when it was bought by TV Guide.
by bill ellis February 6, 2009
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The precise moment when you know a tv show, rock band, or actor has gone downhill.
by VAKI5 May 8, 2005
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Hung around too long. Kept something going when it had obviously run its course or became useless.
Keeping "Two & a Half Men" running with Ashton replacing Charlie Sheen. Further enhanced by reducing the roles of the really talented cast members like "Berta"; "Mom" & "Rose", "Jump the shark"d
by bk66 June 14, 2012
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The scene was so preposterous that many believed it to be an ill-advised attempt at reviving the declining ratings of the flagging show... since then, it has become a metaphor that has been used by U.S. TV critics and fans to denote the point at which the characters or plot of a TV series veer into a ridiculous, out-of-the-ordinary storyline.

The term Jumping the shark alludes to a scene in the TV series Happy Days when the popular character Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli, on water skis, literally jumps over a shark.

A phase in a relationship to rekindle romance after a betrayal or tort action.
My boyfriend has been going so overboard on the gifts and little extras since I caught him with that other girl, every time we go out it is like "jumping the shark".
by Kelly October 1, 2007
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to reach the point where the poupularity of a show, movie, musician, or any other pop culture icon declines in popularity (refers to an episode of The 1960's TV show, "Happy Days" where Fonz jumps over a shark while water skiing, see also jump the couch)
It looks like Voyager is about to jump the shark.
by Light Joker November 5, 2005
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