An internet YouTuber God that has sadly deactivated and left YouTube. He was famous for his Terrible Channels, and when he left, many created Terrible Channels in their own way.

Also popular for his videos that are:

-Terrible Channels: Sonic99rae
-People Who Milk Minecraft (1&2)
An uneducated swine: Who is Roberate?

A long follower: A fallen God.
by A Follower Of Roberate March 21, 2018
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The name of the fan base which supports Jaden Roberts. Usually in capital letters.
Girl1: Are you a ROBERATOR
Girl2: Yeahhh
Girl1: Have you followed Jaden on twitter?
Girl2: Nope :/
Girl1: Follow him @jadenroberts
by ILoveJadenRoberts November 27, 2011
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Mark rober is the best uncle in the world, That worked on a mars rover (Curiosity). He also helped mr beast with the Team trees project.
He has made various inventions such as The dart board that always gives you a bullseye The rock skipping robot among other things
F-Have you watched mark rober
M-Get out of my shower
by BBKitsune February 14, 2020
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stecher fickt alles komm!! Motherfucker in person
Rober ist Motherfucker in person fickt alles weg
by Sikerimamk June 14, 2020
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A cool name as silk as sand, the original Rob, the proidegy. The legend the drama the humanity. The absolute god and saviour. Anyone with this last name is a beast in bed and legend outside ;)))
Person 1: “U a Robere?”
Person 2: “No”
Person 1: “Dissapointment
by Good Rob April 16, 2018
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