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prounounced: emily.

Emmaleigh is typically a very pretty, amazingly talented, gorgeous, and all around perfect girl. She is very kindhearted, down to earth and bubbly. She has many friends and is found very likeable, but at times competitive and stubborn. Emmaleigh's have a very low self esteem. They are sometimes found very hyper and funny. They are great kissers, and amazing in bed. Emmaleigh's have great bodies and never let people down. They're musically talented, and very intellegent. Emmaleigh's are skilled in art and music.

They're hopeless romantics who only look for the best in life. They are attracted to men who's names start with A or J. They sometimes have trouble controlling their feelings and often get confused. They aren't very common senseful, but they have enough book smarts to last a lifetime. They may not be the skinniest girls out there, but they are very curvy, and most definately not overweight. A typical Emmaleigh has huge boobs.

Any guy who can get an Emmaleigh in their life should never let her go. She's one of a kind and will never let you down.
Did you see Emmaleigh today? She looks amazing!

I know she is so gorgeous!
by altisha November 15, 2009
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BYYYY far the most nicest person you could ever meet! She is always nice to people and loves to help people out! She is very super duper pretty and loves allll the guys she meets. She will never let you down but if you get on her bad side she will have to kick some serious ass!:)
dudeeee I love that girl Emma-Leigh!
by ILOVEYOUlots123 October 11, 2011
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Appears as a friendly, smart girl. Is actually a mean shit-face. Has very low self-esteem. Will pretend to be your friend. Is a whore. Emmaleigh's give off the sense of innocence, but will "put out" to become popular, or well-liked and known by males. Puts on a mask everyday to hide what she is really like. No one knows the true Emmaleigh, because it seems as though she doesn't even know herself. Although, Emmaleigh's are very good singers and achieve success in the acting industry. They know how to have a good time, and can make you smile, even though you don't want to.
"Hey, Jen! Have you talked to Emmaleigh lately? I heard she got a part in that new musical at the theatre."
"Yeah, 'cause she fucked the director."
"Oh?! She really is a shit-face."
by lamps-are-horny. February 14, 2010
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