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An awesome, loyal, happy, sweet girl who you can trust with all your secrets. Has long-ish blonde hair and is absolutely gorgeous. Treats you like a sister, and is the best friend you'll ever have. Often misspelled as Julia, but she won't even get mad at you for it, because she's just that nice. Nicknamed Jules.
Julya and I are going to be friends forever!! <3
by Disvan November 24, 2010
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Julyas are shy at first but once you get to know them more the open up. They are crazy, funny, spunky, out going, and sometimes hard to control. Julyas are very artistic they have a passion for art, they love to sing. Julyas have a passion for music so strong not even spuper man can break the bond between them, music is like an esape for them from the world. Julyas like to dance when no one is looking, it's better for them. Julia's can be very conservative and shy but they can also be very kinky and sexy so watch out. They can also be sporty when they want to, they get very competitive (in anything they do) they are usual short. Julia's also smile the brightest which means they can have a dangerous past, and that smile also means that they want people around them to be happy, Julyas like to cheer people up when they are sad because she has probably gone through some pain in her life and she doesn't want people to expiriance any pain. Julya is pronounced Julia it's just spelled differently.
I hope we have a Julya in our class.
by NameGame17 December 31, 2014
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