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An adjective to describe something substandard. It is derived from junior college. For example, junior college compared to a real university. It can also be used to describe poor workmanship, such as what you might get from a junior college "grad" or a vo tech "grad." Generally, being descibed as "juco" isn't a good thing.
Guy one: What the hell kind of juco welding job is this? You got a lot of extra weld all over! You're screwing up my car!

Guy two: Hey, that's a great weld, I would have got a B or even an A in my vo tech class if I submitted that.

Guy one: I thought you knew how to weld, I wanted to sell this car when I finished fixing it up. Thanks guy.

by A. Hacker May 23, 2006
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An abbreviation for a junior college or two year college for those seeking associate degrees or hoping to transfer to a 4 year college
Mel Kiper: This kid had great draft stock his freshman year, but then had a 1.05 GPA his second semester so had to transfer to a ju co to get his grades up before he went back to the University of Iowa.

High School Graduation:
Hey man, what are you doing after college?
I'm gonna work at McDonalds
Cool, I'm going to a ju co

Crap, I drank and parties way to much in high school. With a 12 ACT, 1.5 GPA and this stupid GED the only place I can go is to a ju co.
by theantigreeksororityhater March 19, 2009
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1. a community college (from an abbreviation of junior


2. a student of a community collage
He took one class at Juco but never came to start another class.
by The Return of Light Joker August 23, 2010
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