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Jucka Ju:cka Noun
The fluid in a male Donkey etc that fertilizes the female egg. Commonly known to craved by donkey enthusiasts.

(Jûcka) Pronunciation Key
The smaller, usually motile male reproductive organ of large donkey species. Jucka cells are haploid (they have half the number of chromosomes as the other cells in the Donkey's body). Jucka often have at least one flagellum. During fertilization, the nucleus of a Jucka fuses with the nucleus of the much larger egg cell (the female reproductive cell) to form a new organism. In male Donkies, Jucka are normally produced by the testes in extremely large numbers in order to increase the chances of fertilizing an egg. In Large Donkey Dicks and Mega Donkey Dicks, Jucka fluid does not need water for mobility but are squirted dirtectly to the female reproductive organs by large Jucka bursts. In Native Donkies and the African Donkies (both gymnosperms), the Jucka are motile and propel themselves down the vagina opening to reach the egg cell. In the Indian Donkies and Miniature Donkies, the Jucka are not themselves motile but are conveyed to the ovule by the large amount of Jucka that is consumed.
"Old Bushy boy was at the Texas Ranch slurping on some Jucka Juice."

"You been drinking on that Jucka again boy?"

"Jucka, Jucka, Jucka!!!"
by fakecloud April 07, 2007
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