Juan de poco is the name given for someone who accomplish something in history but you're not sure who the he really is because your talking out your ass.
The first person to ever sail around the world is uh....juan de Poco. Or I think Juan de Poco invented the internet or maybe the greeting what's up.
by Bearcatkev August 2, 2018
Fun guy,always laughing and class clown. Usually wavy black hair and mustache.
Juan de dios or juan del diablo.
by lerolero December 19, 2016
-Known for having a chode and likes big dick up the ass. Usually has curly hair.
by cleme November 26, 2016
A person, who in their own mind, beleives they are the center of attention. These people display one pathetic attempt after another to impress the opposite sex (In some cases, the same sex). In reality this person is a complete idiot, and are oblivious to the fact that they are displaying all qualities of a "DoucheBag". These people also have no age limitations when trying to hook up.
Haha, look at Brandon Willis over there trying to mack, a true Don Juan De La Douche!
by Tsumaranai June 16, 2007
*sigh* the hottes guy you will ever meet. lol yea right.<------she is kidding she knows my San juan de la rosa is super hot and exciting. she would knw his abbs are hiding really good appearently. THEY ARE NOT!!!! Once you see him naked you will see them. He has a big one. It is enjoyable. ewwww!!!thats so gross BET U HANDLED HIS "LOVE HANDLES". i did :P she is just jealous of it. ANYWAY!!! He is an awesome person to go out on a date with. He will buy you ice cream from McDonalds...(cuz he works there)romantic walk (by romantic i mean sexual...walk :P) BUT HES NOT AS GOOD AS SAN ANTONIO DE LA ROSA!!!!XD <-----That is a big FAT LIE!!! Just like San Juan de la Rosa....jk he is muscular xDDD Overall a super hot guy with a sweet side also who every girl wants to have some with (except me) <----Itzel =.= (but she does though)...:)
OMG!! did you see that guy, he is soooo a San Juan de la Rosa!!.
YEA!!! but did u see San Antonio de La Rosa hes waaaaaay better!!!!
No way dude, San Juan de la Rosa is better.
by BitchAssHoeWhore November 14, 2011
A really fucking racsist way to define all men in Mexico, Peurto Rico, Brazil, and California.
Look at all those Juan Jose de Carlos' over that there wall, Bob!
by WhoseDat??? January 16, 2017