When somebody plays air guitar while wearing a cock ring.
"What the hell? Nathan is wearing a cock ring and playing air guitar to afrojack."
"Oh, he's just doing the jQuery"
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by notpa1n April 01, 2017
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A FAR superior JavaScript framework that makes ASP.NET AJAX and its proponents feel like little bitches.
Tom, WTF is the matter with you?! Use jQuery or DIE....bitch!
by Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 09, 2008
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A javascript library written by John Resig. Its intent is to make DOM querying and manipulation easier. It removes the pain of cross-browser compatibility issues.
var myspan = $("#myspan"); //using jQuery

instead of,

var myspan = document.getElementById("myspan"); //standard and drawn out way
by Toady111222 March 11, 2009
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