tom:that test was so easy!
cheyann:ur joshin me! it was SO hard!
by Alexis October 17, 2003
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When you straight out lie to your mates to seem cool
Josh grundy has a vagina and lies to his mates - joshin
by wikichow666 March 18, 2017
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Used to mean you were joking with someone, but sounded so gay that it now stands for having gay sex.
Person1: Bill and Joey are definatley joshin' eachother
Person2: Ya they're so gay
by Pimpin Liger January 16, 2015
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joshin is a term that you use when you make a good joke and someone gets mad cause there a total dueschbag and can't take a joke hey, its a joke go fuck yourself asshole(jk jk lol)
dude calm down i was joshin dawg
by Jay-Hawk September 10, 2007
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