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Someone who gets involved with social groups; often indiscriminately.
Did you know Candis is in the Friends for Life group?

I'm not surprised, she's such a joiner.
by Fiona McColl October 27, 2007
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Someone who vomits because someone else just blew junks.
There is no way I can clean up Jens puke. I'm a joiner..... I'll spew!
by Luke Puke March 31, 2013
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Someone who unfortunately interrupts your personal bathroom break time by using the bathroom stall directly next to you, essentially joining you while you do your business.
My bathroom time is my personal time I would prefer not to be bothered by a joiner.

I use the restrooms on the 25th floor because there are too many joiners on 26.
by Tyy Webb November 17, 2009
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Term used to describe a stranger who tries to join your line at a club or tries to party with you and your friends.
Omg, did you see that girl? She totally was trying to pretend she was with us in the line. What a joiner!
by Pinkfarida September 06, 2010
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An inbred imbecile who lives in a trailer somewhere in tennessee.Has a phone fetish about using alexander graham bell's greatest creation for no worthwile purpose but to annoy people.As much use as the pope's balls.
Is that guy thick? what a joiner
by ram a lam a ding dong July 07, 2006
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someone who makes a habit of joining in on other peoples conversations.
person1: did you hear Stevo routed Sheela.
person2: really, how interesting, please tell me more.
person1: well i saw them hooking up and then...
retard, walks up to persons: "really? who was this?"
person1: fuck off you stupid joiner
person2: what a bender
by disclosemyname? October 22, 2007
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