a penis, usually 7-9 inches in length and rather thick, taken from the African American folk hero John Henry, who packed a wallop with both his trusty sledge hammer while working on the rail ways and his own mighty John Henry... as the ladies of the 1800's so fondly put it
"Wow! Look at Sean's John Henry... it's massive!"

"Put John Henry in me... or at least as much of him as you can"
by grifbassking November 18, 2007
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The act of begging for money on the internet while simultaneously making as many excuses as possible explaining why you cannot get a job. This act is usually carried out by a 40 year old man with long, gray, wizard-like hair, living in a college dorm, and showing a peculiar infatuation with Fleshlights. An insatiable appetite for Beefaroni and gyros is implied.
I'm so sick of doing scutwork. I should just log on to Facebook and do some john henrying instead.
by Beefaroni Teates March 25, 2014
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A John Henry is a sexual move in which you lift a woman with double under hooks, with your elbow pit cradling her knee pit. Clasp your hands in a gable grip for maximum effect.

You then pump the shit out of her as if you were pounding railroad stakes into the ground trying to beat a steam powered machine.

From the root words John, which means "to pound"; And Henry, which is latin for "in her moist pussy."
"I took that bitch home from the bar and gave her the ole John Henry. It blew her Fucking mind.", said the man.
by B-razle June 14, 2010
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John Henry is a handsome kind and fun to be around
Look at that boy he looks so John henry.
by User_59697813267 September 12, 2020
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John Henry is Amara star’s best friend, he’s also in love with her. John Henry also loves drink he almost loves it more than Amara star. Not to mention he’s a cocky cunt and a vape addict. John Henry lies to his friends a lot, he likes to tell them he doesn’t like Amara star but this is is straight up untrue. Finally he says oh my god really funny.
John Henry loves Amara star

John henry hates everyone except Amara star
John henry is a cocky cunt
by Thegirljohnhenryloves June 19, 2023
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An American businessman that is partially responsible for the death for European football. He is a very skinny, old man with green $ signs in his eyes. John Henry is happy to destroy 130 years of footballing history for his own greed and self gain. If you see this man in public, don’t get too close to him because he might try and steal your watch.
me: “Did you just steal a mars bar from that homeless person? That’s something John Henry would do”.
by Kylian_LFC April 19, 2021
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A very famous celebrity.
Has gone under many disguises including Chuck Norris, Mr T., Donald Trump, Both Olsen Twins, Sylvester Stallone, Hulk Hogan, and the Maid from the Brady Bunch. Some of his most spectacular feats include PKing Zezima, outsmarting the VNS, turning blood into water, walking on water, and being soley responsible for the Fallador massacre using his 1337 H4x0r skillz.
unknown to most, John Henry is Chris Angel's stunt double
by Juice Springstein November 10, 2007
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