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The political position taking and/or rationalization of cause and effect through the analysis of the ever growing constant stream of irrational hypotheses and agenda-specific misinformation (dogma) filtered through mass media sound bytes and historically non-contextualized reports as distributed through social network web sites and weblogs for mass digestion and wide interpretation.

Similar; forming opinions/postitions/habits (purchasing or otherwise) based upon constantly updated news reports and weblogs on topics that are ONLY updated, because the original non-historically contextualized report and/or misinformation was favorable to a populist ideaology and justified as a truism and/or as acceptable behavior using social networks and peer group confirmation that had formed a consensus based upon the false information.
'To say the U.S. government will form 'Death Squads' is incomprehendable.'

'It is f..king incomprehendable that they bought all those helium balloons to be released in celebration.'

'I find it incomprehendable that the Tea Party Group thinks that investing in America's sustainable future is the same as wasteful government spending, when our government has been wasting money in Oil subsidies and Wars for four decades.'
by AgentJ3 May 02, 2010
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