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A Jewish hipster. Often associated with the post-college migration from the Upper West Side to Williamsburg and/or Park Slope. Jipsters don tight pants and started smoking on teen trips to Israel. Their hipster status is reinforced by parental financial support and an extreme New York Jew-brand of irony.
Why does Williamsburg feel so empty tonight? Oh right... It's Friday, so all the jipsters are at Shabbat dinner.
by bnyc09 March 14, 2010
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A hipster who dresses almost exclusively in J. Crew apparel (can be male or female). Jipsters are usually between the ages of 18 and 26, young professionals, and typical hipsters who must transition their style so they can better integrate themselves into the workforce. Most importantly, a jipster possesses the winning combination of swag and class.
Hipster #1: "Bro, I can't find a job. All these employers expect me to wear pants that fit normally."

Hipster #2: "Totes bro, I'm thinking about becoming a jipster instead."

Hipster #1: "Woooah, what's that?"

Hipster #2: "It's this new thing bro. Its like a hipster and a J. Crew store had a baby. You wear J. Crew clothes that are semi-hipster. Being a jipster allows me to be professional but still have swag."
by Jipsters4Life March 08, 2012
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