(singular, jinni) are invisible spirits neither human nor angelic credited with the ability to inform soothsayers and inspire poets. The jinn were called to serve God. The English word genie is derived from the Arabic word jinni. Mentioned many times throughout the Qur'an.
"I created jinn and humanity only to serve Me" (51:56)
by D-Dogg May 3, 2006
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Jinnelys is a beautiful young girl, light brown hair. She’s kind, funny and sometimes she can be laughing for no reasons. She can get really mean if she’s not in a good mood. She don’t show a lot her feelings, if something is wrong she will keep smiling. She’s loyal and really sensitive. She cares about people more than you think. Jinnelys is the most kind, loyal, friendly person. Treat her right and don’t break her heart.
Boy 1-“Omg who’s that girl she’s so beautiful?”
Boy 2-“she’s Jinnelys, I know she’s so beautiful”.
by Dictionary.1 October 18, 2018
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television. When you switch on the tv, you let this spirit into your home. Mostly negative connotation, since most of the stuff on tv is garbage you don't want in your home. Like the devil, though, it is seductive.
Yo, somebody turn on the jinn, we're missing Curb Your Enthusiasm.
by El Oaxuco August 8, 2007
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The sexual act in which one person lights a candle, when the candle is melted a little bit, they pour the hot wax down their partner's asshole. This person (called the Waxy Jinn) shits out a waxy shit. Then, the Waxy Jinn rubs the waxy shit on their partner's chest
"Dude, my asshole has burns on the inside of it" "What the fuck, why?" "Me and Jenny did a Waxy Jinn last night"
by loges99 September 27, 2015
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A pure artist who openly communicates with Jinn and serves as a liaison between Jinn and humans. Jinn being defined as (in Arabian and Muslim mythology) an intelligent spirit of lower rank than the angels, able to appear in human and animal forms and to possess humans. The term is coined by American artist, Genesis Be.
Using the esoteric knowledge delivered to her, the Jinn whisperer relayed these new found concepts to her fellow humans as directed by her cosmic counterparts.
by commonfolk June 19, 2018
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a shambolic jinn is something that only you can call those who are actually demons (like faisa). they are little devils who disguise as humans to seem innocent.
oh my days fam, jhon is such a shambolic jinn
by marluuvsyou December 2, 2021
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It's simple, he doesn't exist.
1. The magic calculator said so.
2. 2 to 1, it's unanimous.
3. 3 to 1 (if you count the calculator)
by Mr. Common Sense December 11, 2004
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