Someone that leads you on sexually, but then drops you. mostly used for hoes
by jess liu May 20, 2004
To abrubtly end a relationship
"Yo How You Gonna Jilt Me Like Dat?"
by Siggy Buchbinder February 25, 2007
(tr.v. jilt·ed, jilt·ing)
The act of male ejaculation, usually onto/in a woman.

-(synonymous with skeet)
by DraukuGrissa April 21, 2004
can be used to describe having suddenly be rejected or abandoned by a lover

or can be used in the context of having a really rough time, things not going your way, or getting rejected in general
"I just got jilted on that exam."

"I applied to that job, but I got jilted."

"I got jilted so hard today."
by vanityqueen April 20, 2016
V. the act of leaving someone at the altar.
Mark Corrigan is a wedding jilting ass.
by RNSchria March 17, 2013
When someone is engaged, but then is dumped. Sometimes the "jilters" are runners(never showing up to the wedding).
Fucking Preps #1: "Did you hear about Jill? She got JILTED!!!"
Fucking Preps #2: "OMG!!!!!!! By who?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"
Fucking Preps #1: "Tom, that geek who invented myspace!"
Fucking Preps #2: "We have awesome lives!"
Fucking Preps #2: "yeps!!! Everyone lurves me!!"
(i hate preps. deal with it.)
by miss mandy June 22, 2007