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A common 1980s-era mispronounciation of gigawatt, made infamous by Robert Zemeckis's "Back to the Future" trilogy.
"One point twenty one jiggawatts!"
by Ross M October 02, 2004
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A form of Black power. The name is derived from the fusing of the words Jiggaboo (referring to a Black person, AKA a "nigger") and Gigawatt, which is a unit of power. A Jiggawatt is generally more powerful than a Gigawatt, because the speed of black is always faster. One may determine the Jiggawatt output by affixing an Ohmmeter or multimeter to the subject, prefferbly the nostrils and having them clench a fist.
When we hooked up to a multimeter to Malcolm X to get an estimate of how many Jiggawatt 's he was was putting out per speech; the meter went from "Oh hell no", all the way up to "Fo shizzle"
by kmfdm665attak November 13, 2010
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A monster that resides in a CPU. Shining light on the processor will increase the size of the Jiggawatt, thereby making your computer faster. Always have a mirror on hand in case the Jiggawatt gets too large - a Compact Disc will do - as the Jiggawatt only retreats when shown an image of itself. A Jiggawatt is affected by the number of Hertz in your motherboard. Sellotaping disc drives to yourself upsets the balance of the Hertz and makes it safe to approach the Jiggawatt.
"Dave donned his suit of disc drives, grasped his CD and prepared to fight the Jiggawatt.
by Dr C Niall DeMencha February 25, 2014
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the amount of energy uselessly expended each day by a single fucktard
"You fucktard, I bet you burned a whole jiggawatt coming up with that stupid ass idea."
by kydstyky February 05, 2014
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Unit of measure, used to describe how enjoyable something may be. Derived from rap artist Jay-Z's frequently employed euphemism "jigga."
"Yo, dat dime piece kickin like 500 jiggawatts up in dis piece."
by mc ca$hmir March 13, 2003
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An unkind/prejudicial word for a black person from the Los Angeles subburb of Watts?
Hey, isn't that jigg-a-watts resident?
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“Hey man, mind if I eat this last slice?”
“Boi, if you don’t getcho jiggawatt ass outta here, Ima beat the shit outta ya”
by BigDickNameNotRicck February 11, 2018
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