also known as a J.A.P, (not to be confused with the ethnic slur) jewish american princesses are known for wearing overpriced clothes such as aviator nation. people often describe J.A.P's as bratty and spoiled
Hey did you see Jessica's new golden goose?

Isn't that her 10th pair? She is such a J.A.P! (jewish american princess)
by juuulia12 January 27, 2021
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Jewish girl, normally found in the following areas: the Northeast, including the tri-state area (NY, CT, NJ).
Normally shortened to "Jap" this girl dresses only in clothing that costs more than it's worth (ex. Abercrombie, uggs, etc.) and is always getting what they want. The Jap is constantly shopping and buying this overpriced clothing, along with a ridiculous amount of Jewelery and expensive, needless crap. The Jap is known for her very annoying, nagging voice.
Man: I was told that my daughter's a Jewish American Princess.

Other Man: I'm sorry to hear that.
by Warren K January 4, 2005
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A female of Jewish decent who tends to be described by society as being highly spoiled, whinny, ungrateful, high maintenance, and nag constantly. They come from environments that does not stipulate them doing for themselves they depend on a man to take care of them. They tend to go for the most successful man who makes lots of money because that's what they expect to have in life many of them don't work real jobs and many have never known what it's like to earn their own money. They tend to have a lot of clothes, access to an unlimited supply of money, and to expensive luxury cars that most common people can't afford to buy. They tend to look down on those who are working everyday jobs and careers. They think people like them, but in reality they're in a class by themselves because they're not able to make friends who'll stick around when they get sick and tired of their stuck on themselves mentality.
Melissa looks down on everything and ridicules the efforts of people who work hard and acts like she's better than them and has never had to work for what she wants. She is a real Jewish American Princess.
by Queenbee7519 September 3, 2009
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jewish American Princess or JAP (not to be confused with the ethnic slur directed towards people of Japanese nationality) can be taken and meant as an ethno-religious and/or sexist slur used to refer to Jewish women with privileged backgrounds.

The word is intended to promote a stereotype about young women who have been spoiled by material wealth and overbearing parenting to the point that they are self-absorbed, high-maintenance, materialistic, and snobby. Since the slur reflects a phenomenon that is not limited to Jewish families, it has also been extended to other ethnic groups.

As with all stereotypes, this one is often the basis for a variety of jokes and contrived but humorous scenarios. Its factual basis seems to stem from the rapid rise to affluence of Jewish families that started out in tenements of New York City, moved to residential, urban neighborhoods in the city, and then to suburbs on Long Island, northern New Jersey, Philadelphia and elsewhere in the United States. The notion is that many who are raised in the affluent environments have lost any sense of continuity with their hardworking parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

The slur is usually considered offensive both for its sexist and ethnic implications, however, some people self-identify themselves as Jewish American Princesses. Some teenagers use the phrase to describe what clique they belong to, just like a scene kid or goth, or the style and brands of clothing that they wear.
In well know movie that has jewish American Princess stereotypes.

-In 1979, Frank Zappa wrote and performed a song called Jewish Princess in his album Sheik Yerbouti, making fun of the stereotype. Subsequently, 2 Live Jews performed a song called "J.A.P. Rap" in their 1990 album As Kosher As They Wanna Be.

-In 1980, Goldie Hawn portrayed Judy Benjamin in Private Benjamin. In the film, a spoiled rich girl joins the army after her marriage fails, finds herself in a more difficult situation than she ever expected, and ultimately rises to the occasion.
by Hooplem July 10, 2006
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Todd: Where you thinking about applying to college?

Tucker: I don't know, main place is Syracuse University

Todd: Ehh, don't go there, too many Jewish American Princesses. They grow them spoiled bitches on trees.
by Orange Nation October 16, 2012
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J.A.P. (not to be confused with the ethnic slur directed towards the people of Japan "jap")
A rich, preppy, spoiled, Jew girl. She has dark brown straightened hair,
shes from the east coast,
her fake tan makes her look like a mexican,
she has a Northface fliece on and some Moccasins,
or Ugg boots and/or Louis Vuitton.
Her nose is a Joo nose,
She buys expensive ugly shit to show bitch got money.
Her voice is either
b)new york accented
d) all the above

A J.A.P. can be found at any expensive university and also is normally found in the Northeast, including the tri-state area (NY, CT, NJ)

J.A.P.'s look like svetlanna on the real world. real bratty bitchs that like to get whatever they want and slut it up.
Sherry:"Dood, look!"
Paul:" Oh damn, its another J. A. P. <Jewish American Princess>, what a whore."

Ross:"HOw many J.A.P's does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
Erin:"Idk, i bet theres something about how much of a bitch they are though..."
Ross:"Two Japs- one to cry "daddy, wheres my diet coke?" and one to call a greasey tool monkey on her 1500$ phone and make him screw it in!"
by Efler March 10, 2007
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