J.A.P. (not to be confused with the ethnic slur directed towards the people of Japan "jap")
A rich, preppy, spoiled, Jew girl. She has dark brown straightened hair,
shes from the east coast,
her fake tan makes her look like a mexican,
she has a Northface fliece on and some Moccasins,
or Ugg boots and/or Louis Vuitton.
Her nose is a Joo nose,
She buys expensive ugly shit to show bitch got money.
Her voice is either
b)new york accented
d) all the above

A J.A.P. can be found at any expensive university and also is normally found in the Northeast, including the tri-state area (NY, CT, NJ)

J.A.P.'s look like svetlanna on the real world. real bratty bitchs that like to get whatever they want and slut it up.
Sherry:"Dood, look!"
Paul:" Oh damn, its another J. A. P. <Jewish American Princess>, what a whore."

Ross:"HOw many J.A.P's does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
Erin:"Idk, i bet theres something about how much of a bitch they are though..."
Ross:"Two Japs- one to cry "daddy, wheres my diet coke?" and one to call a greasey tool monkey on her 1500$ phone and make him screw it in!"
by Efler March 10, 2007