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A woman typically of jewish decent who is extremely bossy and controlling and has a tendency to be a pain in the ass. She's very high maintenence and has to act like she's all that and to assert herself as being the one in control. She's basically got that "Queen Bee" mentality to where it's all about her and if she doesnt get what she wants she makes all kinds of problems for those around her. She will often control the man she's with to the degree that over time he'll become a pushover to her which makes it easier for her to control him. Usually, high end jewish women behave in this manner as nagging and just all out annoying. Generally, Mabels act like bitches so they tend to be short tempered.
Cassie is always controling her man through being short tempered and people say "Cassie's a Mabel because she's always nagging and annoying her man"
by Queenbee7519 September 3, 2009
A female of Jewish decent who tends to be described by society as being highly spoiled, whinny, ungrateful, high maintenance, and nag constantly. They come from environments that does not stipulate them doing for themselves they depend on a man to take care of them. They tend to go for the most successful man who makes lots of money because that's what they expect to have in life many of them don't work real jobs and many have never known what it's like to earn their own money. They tend to have a lot of clothes, access to an unlimited supply of money, and to expensive luxury cars that most common people can't afford to buy. They tend to look down on those who are working everyday jobs and careers. They think people like them, but in reality they're in a class by themselves because they're not able to make friends who'll stick around when they get sick and tired of their stuck on themselves mentality.
Melissa looks down on everything and ridicules the efforts of people who work hard and acts like she's better than them and has never had to work for what she wants. She is a real Jewish American Princess.
by Queenbee7519 September 3, 2009
Someone who overanalyzes things and can at times be extremely petty about it. Paying attention to minute details that are a waste of time and energy. Has a tendency to accuse others of possible wrong doing just to have someone to be the scape goat to their insecurity and constant need to control something or somebody.
Dan is constantly accounting for every pencil and paper clip and has to nit pick about who spent the last $800 and isnt satisfied if the explaination doesnt fit his mold of what the money was used for even if the evidence is presented proving that the money was spent wisely. Dan always has this micromanager mentality which is highly annoying.
by Queenbee7519 September 1, 2009