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A jewish person with the name Jacob. He normally owes people money, but is very rich himself. The nickname "Jewcob" can also refure to a non jewish person with the name Jacob, but shows stereotypical jewish trates and owe people money.
Jewcob owes me £10 from when i brought him lunch.
My friend Jewcob is actually called jacob!
by Bob_The_Writer March 08, 2014
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Nickname for a person of Jewish decent named Jacob. Often used to degrade someone with the tendencies of being cheap, frugal, or just jibbery-style mooching.
Man, Jacob.. I mean Jewcob has been crashing on our couch for 8 months, when's he leaving?
by Bluegrass Sunshine May 10, 2018
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A JewCob is the worst thing ever, They think they are superior to everyone else even though they only have good grades and nothing else.Like ask anyone and they'll either say "what the fuck are you talking about get out of my house" or "they're good at nothing" They also hoard so many fucking god damm.
Fuck you Tommy you'er such a JewCob
by A Dying Beaver May 20, 2019
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