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(n) The act of driving through a predominately Jewish neighborhood during the Jewish Sabbath while having either the driver or passenger wave a dollar bill out of the window in the hope of baiting a jew to grab it.

(v) To jew bait someone is to flaunt something of minimal value (i.e. dollar bill, change, plastic toy) in front of them
Asshole 1: There's nothing to do...want to go jew baiting at Toco Hills?
Asshole 2: Sure
by bigWES November 18, 2007
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; "Jew Baiting" is in no way insulting or critical of the Jewish Faith or People. It is a very nasty control tool which is often used against them.

Calling a Jew a "denier" is equivalent to calling smokers "child abusers", it garners unanimous support with little that can be offered in defense.

No one can take sides with a "denier" or a "child abuser" without drawing scorn from the crowd, so obediently they side safely with the crowd.,9171,795477,00.html

Lindbergh offers a perfect example of Jew Baiting by challenging all opinions of non compliance as offensive; in order to force compliance offered only two options either you are with us for the greater good, or you are the cause of a greater evil.

Another is offered By Diethelm and McKee's recent published article, arguing that anyone who fails to accept the conclusion that normal exposures to "second hand" and "third hand smoke" causes lung cancer is a denialist on the order of those who deny that the Holocaust occurred. In spite of the overwhelming legitimate science, which opposes both conclusions.

If you are not with us you are against us.
by TheFXR February 18, 2009
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