Lifestyle that involves freely travelling to major cities of the world and always going for the most expensive accomodation. Synonymous with Haute couture, aristocracy etc.
Those who bash the jet set lifestyle will 99.9% of the time not be able to afford it. The other 1 in 1000 people who discriminate against it are usually former jet setters too old for travelling much, have a fear of flying (but there's always boats) or simply live in a cave.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 06, 2004
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a group of wealthy people who travel from place to place regularly
Here come the jet set. Pretend you don't notice.
by The Return of Light Joker November 25, 2009
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A "breakfast" consisting of cigarettes, Red Bull and cocaine.

Usually "eaten" members of the jet set society after a long night of partying.

*Monday morning in St. Tropz after a night out*

Jet set yuppie #1: "Blast! It's 10 o'clock in the morning and we just got back to our hotel suites... Hey, let's go get some jet set breakfast!"

Jet set yuppie #2: "Gosh! Cocaine in the morning sounds ghastly... I'm in!"

*Jet set yuppie #1 calls room service*
by Abraxnaroek August 15, 2010
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"A group of people given to chronic traveling at the expense of long-term job stability or a permanent residence. Tend to have doomed and extremely expensive phone-call relationships with people named Serge or Ilyana. Tend to discuss frequent-flyer programs at parties."
--Douglas Coupland, novel Generation X, 1991
"Alex's boss, unversed in the ways of the Poverty Jet Set, failed to understand why trudging into the office at noon with luggage and a shrug of, 'There was a web special to Tokyo,' was a good excuse for missing the eng all-hands meeting."
by Syntax January 12, 2006
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A fan-made character which has Sonic the Hedgehog dressed up as Beat, the main protagonist of the Jet Set Radio series. This concept was brought to life due to the similarities both characters from SEGA had including being laid back and not afraid to bend the rules.
"Jet Set Sonic beats in!"
by Byte_Logic November 09, 2016
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1.A great, under-looked at Sega title for the Xbox. it was the sequal to Jet Grind Radio (or Jet Set Radio in Japan) and also came as a double pack with Sega GT 2002.

2. One of the best games extreme sports-wise ever.
1. "Dude, i'm a lucky owner of JSRF"

2. This and Tony Hawk are like the best sports games EVER!
by PH34R3ST July 05, 2005
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