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Whoever put these definitions on here should be shot. I am the originator of the jersey meathook, a term coined in early 2000 when I had first heard of the shocker. To use this move, you would take your index and middle finger and stick them out and also your thumb... thus allowing two in the pink and one in the stink... not to be confused with the reverse jersey meathook which would be one in the pink and two in the stink... this variation of the shocker is used mostly on lightweight girls who can be easily lifted by the meathook... "The Jersey Meathook" a phrase that could only be coined by a kid from Brick, NJ.
Seeing as how Tom didnt have a ring or a pinky finger he substituted the shocker for "The Jersey Meathook".
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Its when you are doing a girl doggy style, you slip your thumb in her asshole and cock it to the side and pull her back towards you.
he started with a jersey meathook and then pulled a dirty sanchez on her
by Dizzier March 04, 2005
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It's simpler than the previous definitions make it out to be.
You take a finger, i don't care which one, stick it in the girl's asshole, curl it like a hook, and just start pulling.
There's no need to get bogged down in the semantics of the where and why's of the pulling. just so long as there's a hooking of the finger and vigorous pulling

She really enjoyed the forced puckering of her anus on account of the Jersey Meathook
by Spoon29 January 14, 2009
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4 this is the real definition...In use since at least 1998. While dancing with a women on the dancefloor, you reach over her shoulder all the way down to below her ass...then with two fingers you reach through her legs and hook her from the front. Note: this is much easier if she is short or you arms are super long.
While dancing, Guido gave Gloria the good ole Jersey Meathook!
by Toughie96 February 04, 2007
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Having sex with a girl, then having your friend burst out of the closet with a camera. When that happens, you give the girl the shocker and lift her in the air as he takes the picture.
Want to see the picture from last night's Jersey Meathook?
by Esco March 19, 2005
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