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dance style from The Bay, Ca. Stands for..
Tearing. Up. Room. on the Floor. = TURF

Includes Giggin, Goin Dumb, Pop lockin, Clownin and Drops.
better than that Krumping..real talk..n I aint even from the bay..

Yo homie was turfin hella hard las night.
by Jaz W. June 08, 2006
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Controlled movements like popping(struttin) but with a more fluid movements and not as precise as poppin. Turfin started in Oakland, Ca. Oakland has a long history of poppin (such as the Oakland Street Poppers etc) and have been doin it for a long time. When you see "Turfin" one can't help but see the popping influences(mixed with a little bayness like poppin collars and the general swagger baydestrians tend to have) and the general bay surroundings. Since the west coast basically perfected popping, it was only natural for similar derivatives to come out. It is a natural evolution from it's b-boying roots to it's mainstream popularity today. Elementary to high school students to twenty-somethings are turfin and it's has since become the dance of the bay area. Lots of folks have been doing this type of dancing, but just recently it's been given a title.
Hella foo's be turfin nowadays, I remember when we just called that shit "poppin".
by Booze December 08, 2006
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bay area

controling your neighborhood
"when u keep your gun in a bush, your feddi in a bush"
by cita March 24, 2005
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a dance style that is fly that make all the hunnies go wild especially when craig ray and bik toney and bik do it
dam that foo is turfin hella saucy
by amazing twurk October 13, 2003
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