A Person Who Is Annoying And Mean. Usually Used As A Comeback, Especially To 'Butt'. A.K.A. Somchy
"Youre such a butt"
by Macie131313 March 09, 2012
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noun. 1. Term used to describe one who's attitude/ or action is less than desirable.
'That jerkface didn't even say 'hello.' JUDAS!
by Stephanie Zarzecki March 25, 2008
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One who abuses his girlfriend, quits his job so he doesn't have to pay child support, bails on his rent, and is an overall douchemonkey
Man, Zack Welsh sure is a JerKface, so glad he is in jail!
by NOTaDouchemonkey January 18, 2010
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someone who does things wihtout thinkin on how it will effect others , someone who walks around known as a jerk , or someone that uses the word , but is one themself.
"maddy is a stupid bitch ass ho , a real fuckin jerk face"
by ~BurntThaHo~ December 28, 2005
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1. A name used as an insult to a person of undesireable qualities or who has performed an undesireable act.
2. The insulting name given to a person who infuriates, frustrates, or who deserves to be insulted in the eyes of the insulter.
"You're a right jerkface for stealing that ice cream!" Bobby yelled at his brother.
by Sarah El March 10, 2007
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1. what my little brother calls when "butthead" has been used too many times.
2. the name used in defense against one who has been offended
1. "I didnt HEAR mom say you were in charge, JERKFACE!"
2. "Augh! you're such a jerkface. leave me alone!"
by SirEnuh November 20, 2003
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