Characteristic justed on a person who is a sissy or/and gets easily seasick on board a boat.
Pirate: Arrr, get of my ship, you jelly belly!
by potatofamin February 20, 2014
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Bob: Yo man, pull inta this 7-11, I need me sum Skittles 'n' Arizona Tea!

Frank: What? Why are you talking like that? How about a bag of Jelly Bellys and a nice chardonnay?

Bob: (sigh) Ok, but can we listen to Usher on the way home?

Frank: No! Silly honkey! Rap is for black people!
by retrocar February 06, 2013
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when someone nuts in ur belly button
yo, did you hear about when he gave her a jelly belly last summer?
by nothingggx33 October 23, 2017
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When you are laying down and masterbating then when you finally cum it land in your belly button.
Dude last night I had a jelly belly because i bustwd and it landed in my belly button.
by That_guyulike October 04, 2018
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