When you vomit gently on to a persons chest while masturbating.
I walked in on Tom in the cellar and he was doing a jason mewes with Frank.
by BChewalski March 2, 2013
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most legendary stoner ever. plays jay in kevin smith's movies (jay's sidekick silent bob played by smith), most noteably clerks, and mallrats. hes an out and out legend.
quote: "Fly, fatass, fly!"
by Minôir May 9, 2005
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New Jersey native who has starred as Jay in all save one of Kevin Smith's movies, whom he has known since approx. age 14, after becoming friends with Walt flanagan and Bryan Johnson (later famous as Walt and Steve-dave). He has suffered with drug addiction at various points in career, although lately has kicked the habit and is living with Kevin smith and his family. His kicking the habit is strengthened in smith's new movie as jay and silent bob are Drug free... but not any more mature.

Im gonna finger fuck 'er tight little asshole finger fuck her n' teabag my balls... where where? in her mouth? where where? in my mouth

*wails of laughted from Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith as Mewes has said 'my' instead of 'her'*
by Tau June 3, 2006
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