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To strike or more specifically kick, taken from the film 'a knight's tale' where it is used by the character Watt (played by alan Tudyk)
I will fong you until your outsides are in, your insides are out, your entrails will become your extrails. Pain! lots of pain! (Watt to Chaucer)
by Tau June 20, 2006
New Jersey native who has starred as Jay in all save one of Kevin Smith's movies, whom he has known since approx. age 14, after becoming friends with Walt flanagan and Bryan Johnson (later famous as Walt and Steve-dave). He has suffered with drug addiction at various points in career, although lately has kicked the habit and is living with Kevin smith and his family. His kicking the habit is strengthened in smith's new movie as jay and silent bob are Drug free... but not any more mature.

Im gonna finger fuck 'er tight little asshole finger fuck her n' teabag my balls... where where? in her mouth? where where? in my mouth

*wails of laughted from Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith as Mewes has said 'my' instead of 'her'*
by Tau June 3, 2006
Two characters that have appeared in all save one of NEw Jersey director Kevin Smith's movies, Smith plays Silent Bob with Jay played by friend Jason Mewes. The characters are two drug dealers who spend a lot of time hanging outside of the quickstop in Leonardo New Jersey. Jay is a confident, foul mouthed, sex obsessed guy with a pretty low IQ. whereas bob is a genious and (nearly) mute, only speaking once or twice in each movie.

They have appeared in Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob. They did not appear in Jersey Girl as it was not part of Smith's Jersey Trilogy, but they are appearing in Clerks 2.
or as Jay would put it

Jay and silent bob are the mack daddy's of fucking Jersey. Jay is a smooooooth pimp who loves the pussy and Silent bob is his black manservant, Nooch!
by Tau June 3, 2006
Where do I start!
The Fake Goth or GOFF- an offshoot of the Punk or metal scene that varies little apart from going towards such group as Marylin mansion NIN, etc wearing large amounts of black and rebelling cos it looks cool (Ironic eh?)

the Gothic scene- I can only speak for the british scene personally but it seems to have come out of the post-punk movement in the late 70's early 80's going toward darker and heavier tones and feelings, e.g. Sisters of mercy, Siouxsie and the banshees, etc,

A Goth- a person who often has a twisted or cynical view on life, and sees the world as a dark, hopeless and i might say, morbid place, and revels in it, they are often interested in the arts particularly dating back to the 18/19th centuries and take a lot of their stle from that period (often for posh occaisons) but are still in touch with the modern day, stereotyped(is that a word) by black clothing, silver jewelry and makeup (both Genders) but the appearance does not matter when it comes to goths, it is their view on life and what they feel inside, that style of clothing is simply a common occurance

Goff: *to real goth* you fucking weirdo! I reject you you conformist, I reject you normal people!

Goth: *smirks, then sighs slightly and walks off*
by Tau July 28, 2004
sagar loda loda kyun karta hai?
bloody bahanchod sagar loda loda kyun karta hai?
by Tau November 10, 2003