Jarry is the fake Relationship made up by directioners and beliebers Shipping Harry Styles and Justin Bieber together ♥
"Hey what are you reading?"
"Oh just a Jarry Fanfiction on Wattpad!"

"Hey did you hear Justin Bieber and Harry Styles might go to Vegas together"
"Their probably going to party together oh...Jarry♥"
"What happenes in Vegas Stays in Vegas ;)"
by Jaybee Styles November 28, 2013
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An intoxicated young woman, can usually be found in seedy night clubs with a group of other Jarries. They revel in getting wasted, crying for no reason, starting fights with other Jarries, dancing badly and falling over. A Jarrie will often be sick due to the amount of alcohol intake usually on her shoes or in her handbag.
Lindsay Lohan is the most consistent Jarrie in the world of celebrity at the moment. Often found drunk driving, crashing her car, high on coke, falling over and crying on the pavement. Classic Jarrie behaviour.
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Jarrie (noun) : to be a jarrie. To be a drunken mess. To be a shameless flirt. To regularly get evicted from clubs/pubs. To be a bit of a tart and love it. To drink too much too often.

Jarrie (verb) : to get your jarrie on. To go mad, dance badly, throw your self at strange men, drink way too much, give people abuse for no reason other than the booze, to have a great night out!
Ellie: Zoe did you get your Jarrie on last night?
Zoe: I certainly did Ellie, it was class. I pulled about 5 lads, went home with 2 of them, drank half the bar, and woke up on in a phonebox.
Ellie: Ah Zoe, you are such a Jarrie!I love it!
by Jellie June 24, 2007
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Jarris is a beautiful most handsome kind of guy. He will stay loyal to anyone he’s with. He’s funny, class clown, and handsome. Jarris knows how to keep his calm when people talk back to him. Most respectful when he’s talking one on won and is a tentional sport player
by Jarris November 27, 2018
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to melt.
"Safe blud, you goin' Jamie T this weekend?"
"Nah fam' I'm all on Bryan Adams."
"Oh you're such a fucking jarris"

I love to jarris when I've got no money

My commitment level is around jarris/10

Let's do a jarris.
by Motherfucker69er January 6, 2015
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A slightly mentally challenged version of everyone's favorite wizard.
Jagrid: "You're a wizzard Jarry!"
Jarry Potter: "neiayyy...I luv magik!"
by havoc96 May 30, 2015
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A man of two personalities, hes the type to break your garden furniture to start a fire and fall asleep in a bush
Tadhg: hey man did you see what happened to Jack last night

Rod: yeah he totally pulled a Hack Jarris, found him in a garden
by datguyryanz November 9, 2018
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