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someone who will always have a place in my heart. i love him.
by Anonymous July 07, 2003
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a slang term more oftenly used to create a sense of definition in a sentence. Derived from the Rastafarian term for God, Ja, it has the same effect as "Ja knows" a similar meaning to "God knows" but is rarely used in this context. More often used by todays teenagers who owuld like to try to sound ghetto because they have the new "50 cent" LP.
"yo my homedogg, jano I got da nu Snoop Kitty Kat album, i jakked it off a honkee, get meh?"
by sickery_mc June 13, 2004
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Day of Defeat player of great reknown and sniping skill, game scripter and programmer to boot.
Hi Janos
by Giovanni Masucci July 20, 2003
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A kid who is plain amazing, great at sports, fast, and is always the hit of the party.
Dude, he was a Janos of the party!
by randomkidfromamerica April 04, 2009
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to let sum1 no ya bein honestly serious
by sexy October 19, 2003
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when you agree with someone or something that has been said.
'safe, dat new film kidulthood is live' - 'jano, i took ma wifey 2 see it las week'
by RaZoR- March 20, 2006
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When u really meen sum tin
" yo jano i fuked that gal"
by Blacktionman September 28, 2003
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