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Jance is a smart caring woman. She knows how to make the best of life. She has a great smile and always always keeps going. She ain't a quitter she knows how to be patient and that In time things will work out. Oh and Jance loves music and poetry!
Jance I would like to dance.


I can be tamed.
You have a heart purer then gold

I would like to be there for you till we r old

I'm so sorry for your hurt.
I would like to do more than flirt.
I know we can make this work

Would you please call me a dork.
Jance I ask you to give us a chance.
by TrOlLsTrUeCoUlOrs12 November 24, 2017
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Is a fucking sexy ass beast good with the ladies and has a 12” penis
by Jurnce February 18, 2018
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the feeling of being emotionally raped by a turkey leg
*in jersey accent* β€œOH MY GOSH I JUST GOT JANCED LAST NIGHT”
by CLEOR & PEPPA July 25, 2019
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