A person who is overly concerned about physical appearances. Most often, has an ego bigger than small moons, and sporadically says: "I am awsome."

Jamesio's will use sarcasm and Innuendo to convey a point, usually sarcasm that reinforces their already oversized ego.

To spot a Jamesio, simply read the name. If you suspect an alt, then examine the name. "Jamesio is hot", or "JamesioΒ²" are common examples.
Jamesio: "If I could I would come out of a cake for you."

^This shows that this Jamesio believes in his superior sexiness. Whether or not this is true is debatable.
by Truth_Teller April 14, 2006
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One who surpasses the sexiness of one 'Fabio' and adds the suffix 'io' to the end of their name. It has been known that only people with the name 'James' can do this.
Female usage: You're so sexy Jamesio!

Male usage: I wish I was as sexy as Jamesio!
by JimE Ray January 24, 2005
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The personification of what is known as "yum yum snookums." Jamesio is known to prowl around forums starting with "Insomniac" and ending with "ames," looking for noobs to pwn. It is believed by many specialists to be the result of both inherent awesomness and rhyme. "Jamesio" stems from his name, James, and adding on "io" to make it even more awesome, thus leading to the rhyme of "ames." As stated before, he is drawn to foums ending in "ames," coincidentally the last letters of his name. Whether or not the inverted order of words is purposeful or if this theory is shit is still unknown. Another theory suggests that Jamesio may be part of what is known as "the 9 conspiracy," being part of the "ames" rhyme, and et cetera.

James + ames = 9 letters. Io + awesome = 9 letters. Insomniac = 9 letters. It all fits. Fuck you, Jamesio's just that cool.

As a final note, 9 times nine is 81, which when divided by 9 = 9! Now you believe me, don'tcha!?
I wish I could have a little more Jamesio in my life. Then I could stab him in the fucking face, that sexy nacho of a bitch.
by aabattery May 09, 2006
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