1: A rubbish singer songwriter, who likes swimming when it's snowing.
2: Rhyming slang for "Cunt"
1. James Blunt is shit!
2. You are a complete James Blunt
Twat who can't sing and entices the hearts of 12 year old girls everywhere..
Having said that, he surely is a modern poet: such rhyming couplets as face and place, and do and you..
I think we can all agree it inspires us all..
And the power behind a verse of 'la's' because he couldnt be assed to write anymore..Beautiful!
James Blunt: I saw your face in a crowde face and i don't know what to do,
as long as i whine about it at least i'll go double platinum - woo hoo
by Wadey7 April 26, 2006
james blunt is the best singer/songwriter of this time. he is awesome. he's from england which is very cool. everyone should love james blunt.
good songs of` james blunt include: high, 1973, so long jimmy, wisemen etc...
by tennisball August 30, 2007
annoying, nasally, british pop singer. this former navy captain thinks that he can write beautiful lryics and sing which is a sign of insanity. he claims music is his passion but there is proof that getting into girls' pants really is
James Blunt sounds like someone is crushing his nuts.
by rach&dani April 17, 2006
Someone whose fame is mysterious. Everyone knows he can't sing so no one knows how he became famous.
Anyone who likes James Blunt should be put into a psych ward.
by lurannn March 2, 2008
A gay fag from britian with an accent that should be shot for singing anoying songs in your moms 300c and the car should be played with rap, techno, dance etc and not gay cunty boy.
james blunt is a homosexual
there saying hes going to be the next eltin jhon in other wordes a homosexual
by urmom100 April 16, 2006
James Blunt is a great singer and song writer; who wrote songs from a personal experience to make the listeners understand they can overcome their problems
Oh look its James Blunt, what an amazing singer
by freespiritunicorn April 14, 2015