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Person A: hey man did you see the recent pic schlatt posted of his cat
Person B: jambo?
Person A: yea, that cat is so skrunkly
by redoverflow January 7, 2022
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''hey did you just see that chick that walked by, man she was jambo''
by paulgreen July 10, 2009
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this word is used in place of a curse word
whenever you're gunna say a curse you say jambo
Holy jambo!
Jambo you.
by yea thats right<3 September 3, 2007
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a highly intelligent person who is a football fan
"who is that person in the stadium with the maroon and white scarf"
"that is a jambo"
by johnnnnnnnnny October 9, 2006
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sorely missed cheeky-chappy hollyoaks character.
"jambo should never have left hollyoaks. 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps is wank."
by natalie May 24, 2004
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teenager whom likes sports and hates many people, but likes hot people; anti-homo
by jimbo April 16, 2003
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