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Swahili, used when greeting a person
by marie September 18, 2004
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Edinburgh (Scotland) slang for Heart of Midlothian Football Club, or "Hearts" for short. The nickname Jambos comes from the rhyming slang Hearts - Jam tarts. A bit silly, but there you go.
The singular, Jambo, is often used offensively by supporters of rival Edinburgh team Hibernian, or "Hibs" or "Hibees" (pronounced Hybees).
Like many cities, the rivalry between local football clubs can be intense, and although some might say it's "just in jest", the language used to describe supporters of the rival team can be offensive.
So: Hearts fans sometimes describe Hibs fans (Hibees) in derogatory terms, and Hibs supporters do likewise with Hearts fans.
As an unbiased observer. and looking through the posts in this dictionary from people who have written "definitions" which are nothing more than insults, and don't even explain what they're talking about; there are more insults written by "Hibees" about "Jambos" than there are vice versa. Furthermore, Some of the "Hibees" have written "definitions" of themselves which are self ingratiating and self congratulatory. On balance it looks to me like it is the "Hibees" who lose at the diplomacy game!
Btw The Urban Dictionary guidelines/rules state that inside jokes will be rejected, so that, and the fact that these posts contain no actual definition, should be enough to have them removed from the dictionary. On the other hand, they represent a record which tells a story!
"Come on the Jambos!" (Chanted at a football match.)
by LostInAField December 04, 2017
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Jambo is Boy Scout slang for the National Boy Scout Jamboree that have been held at Fort A.P. Hill in Caroline County VA for decades. It's more or less a giant Charlie Foxtrot where diseases get passed easily because of poor sanitation (not STDs, stomach bugs and things like that). I know this because I went to one.
-NewScout: I can't wait to go to Jambo!! It's gonna be so much fun!!
-EagleScout: Good luck getting over the stomach bug you'll get on the second day there.
by Sid Barrett October 08, 2007
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Man or person(s)of dubious heterosexuality. Someone who proffesses to be straight but is quite obviously a homosexual.
The most famous definition of a Jambo would be the flambouyant Elton John.
OMG dd you see that John Smith is getting married?
Ohhh, I know. He's such a Jambo.
by Greg the man slut November 18, 2006
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this word is used in place of a curse word
whenever you're gunna say a curse you say jambo
Holy jambo!
Jambo you.
by yea thats right<3 September 02, 2007
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