The act of one-up-manship when storytelling. Doing the story one better by stretching the truth.
That was lame, I can jambo that story.

Why do you always have to jambo every story I tell?
by Eyemarten September 29, 2004
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"Look at that black man!"
"I know, what a fuckin' jambo!"
by Jambo-man January 2, 2009
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Mambo Jambo is the alternative name of the song by Perez Prado, Qué rico el mambo.
Mumbo jumbo, or mumbo-jumbo, is an English phrase or expression that denotes a confusing or meaningless subject. It is often used as humorous expression of criticism of middle-management and civil service non-speak, and of belief in practices based on superstition, rituals intending to cause confusion or languages that the speaker does not understand.
don't think about that mambo jambo
by hs92 November 3, 2013
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The coolest guy that pulls all the birds , Jada likes him and so does Megan, he just got asked out 5 minutes ago by Megan , he likes some1 but he won't tell any1 . If you are with Sambo Jambo than you are the luckiest woman alive because he's very rich
You know that guy Sambo Jambo he's so popular
by Sambo Jambo February 2, 2019
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This is the most extreme version of gastric expulsion from the human anus. Characterised by a loud, thunderous noise, often referred to as the "bass" factor as it will hit anyone standing within 20 or so feet with the percussive blast of the loudest rock concert. Often occompanied by varying amounts of "cackle-berry-juice" these farts can become quite moist and odorous, and at times a quick check is neccessary to determine whether or not any "Mud" was thrown during said release.
"There I was, standing right in front of the whole group when that damn Jambo Rattler snuck up on me and cleared the room."
by NickDubb August 4, 2006
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Guy: Hey babe..lets Coco Jambo tonight.
Girl: Oh Hell No, Coco Jambo
by Adrianne & Travis September 6, 2008
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A terrifying ultra ripped hairless chimpanzee that lives in the twycross zoo
Jambo the chimpanzee be looking like an escaped SCP
by Funny ape June 27, 2022
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