sweetheart, "Jaina"(haina) derives from the word "Honey"(hani)
"deja voy con mi jaina a planchar"
"see ya, gotta go with my jainita"
by arielrock May 04, 2013
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Spanish slang for Girlfriend, most commonly used by Mexican Gangbangers.
"Yo homes I heard you banged Jokers Jaina, you better watch your back or you're gonna get it if he finds out"
by Aldous Sherwood June 19, 2008
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Chicano slang para mujer.
Tambien novia.
Mi Jaina- Mi Mujer, Mi Novia.
Esa Jaina- Esa Mujer

Chicano slang for woman, or girlfriend.
My Jaina- My girl
That Jaina- That girl
Esta noche voy andar con mi jaina homes.

Estas jainas no saben lo que quieren homes.

Estas jainas solo sirven para la panocha homes.

Estas jainitas son para que me abran las piernas ese.
by elFantasmaEncabronado June 12, 2009
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The prettiest girl you'll ever meet. If you do, take the chance to go out with her. It's worth it.
OMG, I am cute!?!? Does that mean I'm a Jaina? #dreamistrue
by Mooda Foockr November 21, 2018
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