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Like lowriding but the proper name for it beacuse it started in jail when prisoners got their belts taken of them so they didnt hang themselves, so their pants hung low.
you jailin' those pants dawg.

by Goose On The Loose December 18, 2007
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1. To make fun, or have conversation for the sake of passing the time.
2. Same as above, except done specifically by inmates in or employees of a jail or related correctional facility to use the abundance of time.
3. Shooting the breeze.
4. bsing
Person 1: See, you're jailin right now.
Person 2: Naw, I was just smiling because you taught me a new word. It must be in the Webster's Unabridged Correctional Dictionary
Person 1: Oh, you like to be sarcastic when you be jailin.

I didn't really care about what we were talking about. I was just jailin.
by Atypical August 06, 2007
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The procees in wich u make the best of things in jail.Such as extorting people for commisary or gambling for soups.
Last time i was locked up i was jailin for a month before i got bailed out.
by Paul/wonderboy November 21, 2006
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