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A name. A person with this name is usually special in a bad way, they always have a "J" as their first letter of their name. In this instance you must follow this "J" with an "a" directly after. You mustn't add a space or skip to the "l". You must go directly from the "a" to the "e". It will not be tolerated if you go from the "a" to the "l". So far you must have "Jae" not "Jal". Once you have written down "Jae", and yes you must capitalize the "J", you must write the 12th letter of the English alphabet or the letter "l". You must add this letter, "l", to the end of "Jae" to make it "Jael". One mustn't add an "l" to the series of letters "Jal" because this will result in having "Jall" instead of the desired "Jael". Directly after one has written down the letters "Jael" you must proceed to add another "l" to the series of letters "Jael" this will result in you having hte letters "Jaell". By now we are almost done. But first you mustn't ever add the letter "l" to "Jall" because then you will have "Jalll" with three "l's" and that is not correct. Now we are on the last letter. The last letter of this name is the first letter of the English alphabet and it is the letter "a". With this letter, you must add to "Jaell" to create the series of letters or name "Jaella" One must never add the last letter to the series of random letters, "Jallla". This will result in a preposterous series of letters in which we were not intending to write out.
by A-name April 17, 2017
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