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A group of idiots masquerading as intellectuals. They've declared themselves a scene, and at the same time decried the entire concept of scenesterism. On top of that they lack a decent grasp of the English language, and rather than constructing actual sentences they string together arrangements of incoherent words, more intent on creating phrases based on the floral sound of the expression than actually producing reason or logic.

The following is writ by members of Jadel.

Q: What is Jadel?
A: Jadel is a social scene with no intent of making followers. Jadel is a culture of specific beings. Jadel is a revolution of self-analysis. Jadel is an an epidemic based on creating social autism. Jadel is what everyone wishes they could be. and mainly, Jadel is a style defined by the people who join.
Jadel is not scene or HxC, hXc HARDxfuckingxCore, a SceneDream, Scene Group, Major Alcoholics, Alternative people, small children, babies, kids, Indie-dancers, Perfectionists, Nihilists, Nazi's, Fascists, Metal-heads, or Cowboys.*

Q: Where is Jadel from?
A: I Dunno.**

Q: How do I become legit for Jadel?
A: By rendering your soul from your body and then eating it. Or messaging Jadel and stating why you think you are legit.
Note: Being a freind of Jadel does not make you Jadel.

*Note: 'Animals' was left out intentionally.
** Susceptible to change.
by vbelmont May 10, 2008
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