One of the best rappers since his start, been popping since 1993. People hate on Kiss because they are ignorant and do not appreciate real music or the actual lyrical content of a song. So when he says it, he means it..:
Jadakiss - "top five dead or alive, and that's just off on LP.".- J A D A K eye two of them swirl thangs.

Ask your friends who the realist,, L.O.X., stretch arm...
by Qua BooG January 31, 2008
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Jadakiss is a rap artist, who is from Yonkers, not NY. Apart of the group the LOX (formally the warlox) and a member of D-block. AKA Jada.
jada's (jadakiss) as real as it gets.
by hotmami1981 August 20, 2007
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da hottest rapper in d-block w/ a terrific flow
That nigga jadakiss is ill
by Chibu March 16, 2003
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The realest rapper out there. He's one of the only ones who keep it street and doesn't go mainstream.
Jadakiss has one of the greatest flows ever.
by Irishman August 6, 2004
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One of the most gifted rappers to ever have a mic in his hands. Respected by even Eminem in the song " Till I Collapse", he is respected by most and ripped 50 Cent with songs like "Checkmate" and "Shots Fired".
I got a list here's the order of my list that it's in.
It goes, Reggie, Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie, Andre from Outcast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me.
But in this industry I'm the cause of a lot of envy, so when I’m not put on this list the shit does not offend me.
Eminem, Till I Collapse speaking on Jadakiss
by The Rap God March 17, 2009
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The best rapper to date, who is underrated and is also a great featuring artist, another up to his flow is he has excellent punch lines
"Glock with a full clip, ya'll keep droppin that bullshit, till you get popped like a bull whip."
by feniz1130 August 14, 2004
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The nicest nigga out in the mixtape / underground along with his right hand man Styles P- Raw rapper who should not be judged by people names Jim . Comes from my hood of yOnkers - the 914 - so your know they hold shit down. RApper who is about to rip 50 cent in half - he'll be worth about a quarter.
by bob bLaZe ->914 March 3, 2005
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