when guyz get board they run very up to their room or home or sd thy refer to their room their masterbation pad. they rub rub rub ru mayb even suck them selfves until that white shit just started slowing out like te nile river.
kyle runs and rubs very fast then slow fast n slow fast n slow!! (hes having a great time by himself)!!;)
by poo face May 10, 2003
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when my bro jack goes away
mum jacks jacking off again, come say bye bye
by sily mong September 01, 2004
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Another term for the verb everyone knows and loves. Jacking off is a favored past time for numerous men and women alike that consists of slow or violent rubbing on the genital parts. This is often accompanied by various forms of stimuli such as pornography and/or sex toys.

It is important to take note that Jacking off is when the action is happening.
Male Adult: I was jacking off to some BDSM the other night.

Female Adult: That video made wet so I started jacking off.

Another adult: Man John is always horny he can never keep his Dick in his pants so guess what he did in the bathroom? I heard him jacking off.
by Jimple Sack July 15, 2014
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Engaging in extremely an extremely unproductive activity (a la doing nothing and having ur balls in ur hands) while you could be actively doing something that would benefit you or other people around you.
Zhiqian goddamnit stop jacking off in that corner and help me lift this sofa
by D "Sentry" C July 06, 2011
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i jack off so much that mayo came out, so my girlfriend use it on her sandwitch. it doesn't taste like mayo tho. recomended: only jacking off when your girlfriend is gone.
by ugh! u jerk off! August 23, 2008
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