The jacker is a demon who haunts people during the night and day. The jacker is mainly seen in the woods or in the corner of your room when you least expect it, just like a ordinary demon. His was of tormenting you is buy jacking off butt naked and looking you in the eyes while he does it. Some say they have woken up and he was standing over them while he’s cranking his penis.
I was walking home from the bar last night and I seen the jacker in the woods masturbating... once you look at him he will not leave you alone....
by The needer October 13, 2020
Someone who will try to jack you for your paper or something of value.
Them jackers is eyin my watch.
by u_done_son April 12, 2006
In the world of drug dealing, usually a group of individuals who make their living setting up and then robbing unsuspecting hustlers. Can rob by force or wits, either way a force to be avoided. Sure signs are guns, excessive talk and lies, large groups of similarly dressed/similar looking people involved in a transaction.
Couple of jackers shot out my back window last night when I sped out of their set-up.
by somebodywhoknowssomeshit October 14, 2010
n. A gang for people who like to jack off. Term was coined by Adam Corolla on Loveline sometime around 2000-01.
Adam: If you join the jackers you get jackets.
Dr. Drew: The jacker jackets?
by MC Derf &Gjelstiznles October 31, 2006
jacker-a man or womans career choice in the street game ,a jacker is somebody who will take ur shoes by verbal commands,threats,violence,a person who commits robbery on others wich in terms of the street instead of a robber its a who holds repuatation for jackin everything,i mean everything thats a real jacker
jacker-bruh when i see him on the outs ,ima jack his whole crew, cellmate-bruh u is in here for jackin
by productofthegame October 31, 2015
A person good at taking sex education classes while high.
Man that teachers trippin, can he not see the Jackers in this bitch?
by ulunga November 8, 2018
someonee who steals your style,words,and/or looks!
an imitator who is a dumbass for not being themselves and "jacks" everyone else's style to make up there coolness!
i just bought a family guy t and the next day the top five school jackers were wearing it!
by with your mom August 6, 2007