monkeyboy: omg i liek teh j/o!
by Zorui January 4, 2004
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Or J-Oing, an abreviated term for the noun: Jack Off. Or Jacking Off. The act of masterbating. Made popular by lazy idiots and people who are shy about such topics in public.
Dude, were you J-Oing in my bathroom?
by davethelightguy May 15, 2007
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Jack off, or Jerk off J O or JO
What a J O!
That guy was a J O.
Your being a J O.
by Gerret December 26, 2007
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Cartman: Goddamnit, maybe we cant get to heaven cause he is here with us!
Stan: What?
Cartman: Cause one of us is a j-o-o, joo
Kyle: Shut the fuck up cartman!
by Tank February 20, 2003
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A regular activity performed in exchange for payment, especially as one's trade, occupation, or profession.
Drug dealin just aint workin out for me i needs to get myself a real J-O-Bizzle.
by Dusty Rhoads September 17, 2007
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n. Shortened phrase meaning “Jack-Off Hand”. The hand that you use to masturbate.
“I wonder if the hand Luke Skywalker got cut off was his J-O Hand
by TwinFami October 29, 2020
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