Cartman: Goddamnit, maybe we cant get to heaven cause he is here with us!
Stan: What?
Cartman: Cause one of us is a j-o-o, joo
Kyle: Shut the fuck up cartman!
by Tank February 20, 2003
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A person of Jewish descent. The term is used when in public and it's not appropriate to spell or say J-E-W.
That bastard ripped me off, what a J-O-O.
by Sha Grif Grif September 24, 2003
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the best pker on Runescape, he fucking owns all.
guy one: hey dude, i just watched j o o claw's pk vids! their fucking epic! guy two:i know man, i was in world 65 chillin west of edge, watchin him wreck the shit out of everyone!
by cj123456 September 3, 2009
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